ImageHands down – the most amazing places to be right now would be London or Scotland ❤ Any regular day, I’d really like to travel to see the bridge – who wouldn’t?! HOWEVER – this weekend life across the pond is EXTRA special!


For the obvious reason, William and Kate will more than likely have their first child by the end of the weekend, which is enough reason to want to hop on a plane in itself! 

ImageOn top of that – it’s the third round of the British Open, which is one of the most fun sporting events every year!! 


It’s already a known fact that Saturday’s at GG might be my favorite, but today might take the cake. So, I’m just going to bring the UK to the store today! 


I can’t wait for our newest Hermes pattern to get here! I think William and Kate would enjoy dining off the red and blue 🙂

Speaking of London….I have to brag on our glass artist Amanda Brisbane who sends her GORGEOUS pieces to us from her studio in London! They continue to get prettier and prettier everytime!



What better way to watch the British Open than on a Verellen sofa!! 



Ok off to watch and wait 🙂 Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 

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