Francois & Company – how did we live without you!?!?


There are some things in life you don’t know how you lived without them! A pair of wedges that you can dress up or down, a fabulous friend that will listen everytime you have to vent, even a haircut that you can style YOURSELF and still it looks like you just left the salon!

Well the saying goes the exact same way for our newest addition to G&G – our Francois & Company stone mantels, fireplaces, columns and kitchen hood! If you have not heard of the amazing architectural stone company yet, it’s time to get on the band wagon!


A team from Francois came in last Monday and installed three mantels, two columns and a kitchen hood in the store. EACH piece weighed 513lbs and took 5 men to move an inch!


For three days, I spent a lot of time literally putting my hands over my eyes fearing that if they even dropped a corner – I was going to be in therapy bc I saw a man be squashed by a fireplace mantel. Luckily – they knew EXACTLY what they were doing 🙂 Three days later, the store looked back to even better than perfect!


The pictures are examples of the pieces that we have in the store…

These columns are absolutely STUNNING! You have to come see for yourself!


Now that you’ve gotten the idea of our newest addition, you have to see everything for yourself – literally jaw dropping.


I can already imagine how gorgeous everything is going to be when we start decorating for Christmas! I think we should do one with JUST greenery…the below example is the best I could find – thank you Pinterest 🙂


I think it’d also be really pretty to cover one in white and silvers and then have candles in all different heights…


Welp – I’m officially ready for Christmas now 🙂 Happy Friday!!

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