I’ve got to get to the BEACH…


About this time every year, my beach craving gets enhanced to a total obsession. There’s just something about the waves and sand that takes you to the happiest place in the world.

Today in Knox its 75 and sunny, which is amazing BUT I’M STILL NOT AT THE BEACH!! So I’ve decided to bring it to me 🙂 G&G has everything I need to pretend!

First thing is the Sea & Dune candle from LAFCO…duh…I’m not sure what ingredients they put in this candle, but I’d swear they go to the gulf, stand by the ocean for 24 hours, then bottle it all up to make this candle.


Next, I’m going to put on my favorite necklace that just screams the beach! I don’t know why Gossip Girls Vanessa Abrams looks so angry while she’s wearing the most amazing Simon Tu chandelier necklace, but I know I’d be all smiles all day 🙂


I probably need the earrings too, right?!?


If I’m going to make it feel like I’m at the beach, then I’m going to need some new accessories for our coffee table – naturally.

I think Elizabeth Lyons bottles would do…


I mean if we’re going to be “at the beach” might as well get new bedding too?! Not sure it gets much beachier than Ann Gish’s white panels


And then maybe a shrimp salad for dinner?!


Alright I guess all these things will SORT of help to make me feel beachier 🙂


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