Lets do lunch :)

Wahoo!!!! Spring has FINALLY sprung! One of my fav things about spring is all the fun parties! Color is everywhere, your ghost bodies start to get a little color and everyone is just in a good mood!


We got in our newest obsession this week – Anichini table linens!! Such fun patterns and colors that just make you want to grab your Barefoot Contessa cookbook and make the yummiest lunch! Why make lunch for just yourself when you can invite your friends to dine with you on your new linens?!

The gorgeous causal gold mats and napkins would be so perfect with a really colorful salad….

photo 5 (5)

photo 4 (8)I think the pink would go great with a petite filet and roasted potatoes?!

photo 3 (11)The luxe linen would compliment lemon chicken and fruit wonderfully…

photo 2 (24)Another obsession – our Jan Barboglio glass hurricanes! Can’t you just picture massive sunflowers in the  center of the table?? 🙂

photo 1 (27)

Ok now just add a couple bottles of champagne and some Van Morrison and lunch is ready!

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