Oh how I LOVE Super dip Bowl Sunday :)





This Sunday we will celebrate the XLVII (47th) Super Bowl!! There’s something about knowing that over 111 million Americans are watching the exact same thing at the exact same time of day that is just so fun! I always get into it for all the opposite reasons that one would get into it…

My favorite parts can all be used with great examples from the store that would make any game party SOO much more fun! For example…the way people get so into the COLORS of the team that they’re rooting for…

Somewhere – Ravens fans will be serving some type of hallelujah ham rolls with a YELLOW mustard dipping sauce on the their Juliska PURPLE glass china…



The gold tumblers would be perfect at a Ravens rendezvous too…or actually anything GOLD would work



And for the powder room…the LAFCO music room candle would be a must!




And then I’d love to be invited to the 49ers party where there’s some type of drink – that will be of course RED and have a little drink card reading – “Our Blood Runs RED rum punch”. How cute to serve in champagne flutes that would be 🙂



And then Kim Seybert would display pizzas galore!



And in their kitchens…



For the grand finale at the 49er party – someone would find a way to invite their best good luck charm in the world 🙂



While the Ravens fans look for him too…



Let us know what you need to make your Super Bowl Party perfect! HAPPY SUPER BOWL WEEK!!

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