the BOND is back

There’s something about the double O that everyone just loves! It’s always a box office boomer, I think, mainly because there is something for both males and females. Much like G&G Interiors 😉 there’s something for everyone!

So I started looking at our newest G&G items and began to wonder if Bond, James Bond himself came in – what would he chose?!?

I feel like Bond would be a Baker guy…we just recently got in the Athens Lounge Chair, which I think would be a hit

And of course he would light his cigar by the light of his Obsidian Mottega lamp


I see a very heavy masculine desk decorated with McCoy’s quartz votives – side note – these McCoy Designs votives are the perfect Christmas gift for someone special if your stumped 😉


Boxwood’s framing the walkway in an amazingly manicured yard


Ralph Lauren black crystal vases would be a must


And finally – the OBVIOUS perfect ornament to the perfect Bond house…a baby Bentley 🙂


Clearly G&G couldn’t help in the fabulous car department, but we could help with the decision making! 😉 Happy Friday!!

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