What happened to the real blind date??

Last weekend we were at one of the many weddings for the fall season. I ran into an old friend that sparked a thought…he would be PERFECT for one of my girlfriends that just moved to his city! So I thought why not, might as well throw it out there…

“Hey BOY, would you trust me if I set you up on a blind date??” –  me

“Humm possibly…but if we’re going to do this, I want it to be a REAL blind date – no Facebooking allowed” – BOY

I thought that was such a funny response bc he is so right – blind dates are a thing of the past now with Facebook and other online resources.

I contacted GIRL and told her the deats. She was at first very weirded out by not being able to stalk before the meet, but then quickly agreed bc – like me – she thought it was sort of romantic?! 🙂

After the weekend, I started thinking about BOY & GIRL’s true blind date and it made me soo happy to think that the old school rules would be in play at least for one more blind date 🙂 And then I took it just one step further, in my head I planned what things from G&G add to a really special old fashion blind date!!

GIRL would have so many butterflies in her tummy while she got ready at her fabulous Henredon vanity while sitting on her girly vanity chair…


BOY would be having a pre-date cocktail in his very masculine Match martini glass while prepping for his night…


BOY would pick GIRL up and greet her with a beautiful flower, but not a rose…and it would be in one of our gorgeous Juliska bud vases…



They would be so excited to meet each other and would head to a white table-cloth dinner decorated with fabulous Christopher Guy dining chairs to keep them extra comfy during their great convos…


They would have such a yummy dinner…


And then after dinner…


Hey when you know, you know right?!?! Ok, maybe an engagement on a blind date is a bit of a STRETCH, but I hope the BOY & GIRL’s blind date brings back a little bit of old fashion romance because we don’t ever want to lose the classics 🙂


“There’s one thing I do know. And that is that I love you, Scarlett.

In spite of you and me and the whole silly world going to pieces around us, I love you.”

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