Planes, trains & automobiles …

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to travel and take a vacation, but recently the calendar has become a bit absurd. Over the next 6 weeks, the hubs and I are out of town 4 of those weekends! Between family and friend weddings, holidays & babies being born, we barely have time to keep our plants alive!

It’s so fun, but requires a LOT of organization which is something I have realized, is one of the most important qualities you must have the older you get! But who says you can’t still be in HIGH fashion when you’re organizing?! That’s where G&G comes in to play 🙂

My Jamie Young travel bag is a must…


And for the boy…


For the plane rides?! Herringbone throw…yes please!


Some fun, light reading…


So those are all the MUST have items from G&G for my travels coming up, but there are a couple other items that I cannot forget or I am in a serious bind.

I’m still not sure if it’s just a mind thing or not, but I have to take Airborne before a trip or else the sniffles and headaches begin immediately.

Please don’t put me on a trip without my music and I have found that the ear-buds with cushion are the best 🙂

And Obvi…Purell – enough said 🙂 Happy Travels!!

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