a fresh start

It happens. You get a new purse, you have to have a new pair of shoes to match.You go from blonde to brunette for the fall, new wardrobe necessary. Buy a new pillow for your couch that will match perfectly, now the rug looks hideous!

We hear it all the time. People walk in and see our gorgeous furniture arrangements and get the bug and then starts the snowball effect 🙂

Recently, I have seen most people freaking out over our Verellen arrangements! EVERYONE is obsessing over this Belgium man – Tom Verellen’s designs.

We are so excited to announce that Verellen his-handsome-self will be hosting a seminar at the end of the month for our second annual ROAD (Romance of Art & Design) event – this year, it’s with a European flair!

Verellen, in one word – reFRESHing. The lines are clean, the colors are crisp and the comfort is impeccable. The cushions give you the biggest bear hug every time you plop down. 

I mean have you ever?!?


Then just think about cozy-ing up into a Pehuen throw while you’re watching Sleepless in Seattle for the THOUSANDTH time 🙂


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