So….it’s a big rivalry weekend and I’m not going to harp on the OBVIOUS but the BIG orange doesn’t have a very BIG chance of winning tomorrow – sad face 😦 but that doesn’t mean we won’t be cheering with our orange on at G&G!

I love working Saturday’s at G&G because it is so fun! Customers are always just in such a relaxed, happy mood on Saturdays esp when it’s football season & the weather is perfect!

It is so funny to me when the hubs’ come in. Little do they know that when they turn the corner…sports are always playing on our flat screen with tons of available seating. Ladies – this is the time to BUY! 🙂 The men are always so comfy in whatever fabulous chairs we have facing the TV that they completely forget they’re “shopping”.



It’s like they get teleported to their couch…


The weekends are times to enjoy and we always try to make sure that everyone is enjoying themselves when they come to shop on Saturdays! Fridays too, but there’s just something about a Saturday 😉 See you tomorrow!!

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