Hoda & Kathie Lee…You HAVE to come to G&G!!!!!

So the BUZZ around town has been that Kathie Lee and Hoda are coming to…

K . N . O . X . V . I . L . L . E .

 T – E – double N- E- double S- double E…

T . E . N . N . E . S . S . E . E!!!!

Now I am extremely partial because I have LOVED them since college. I try and watch anytime I can. I got really sick a few months back and honestly when I realized that I would get to watch KLG  & Hoda in the morning, I forgot that I felt terrible 🙂

When I first heard word that they would be gracing us with their presence – my initial thought was HOW do I get to meet the fabulous duo?!?!? I HAVE TO!!!! They would just LOVE G&G – I know it. So, I decided to use the wonderful world of blogging and get my wants and hopes out there 🙂 Here we gooo….. I have done a lot of “My Pick” lists recently but NEVER have I ever done one to sell my job and myself … eeks 🙂

5.) KLG & Hoda are fabulous and so are we!!! Ok this will be the most broad of my reasons, but it just had to be said…I mean look at this place!!

4.) We have really fun ORANGE!! Hoda would look sooo cute in our big Steven Dweck orange drop earrings

 and Kathie Lee would be PERFECT in one of our Steve Vaubel gold chain necklaces

and our Dweck pearl earrings!!! 

3.) Our playlists are the BOMB!!!! Hint, hint Hoda…you will be sure to hear something new for your morning workouts 🙂 I love all music and would double as a DJ if I could. Right now G&G is bumpin’ to some Knoxville classics, like the latest from local band the Dirty Guv’nahs and a favorite from another Knoxville band the Black Lillies  

2.) We have the BEST cocktail glasses!!! Can’t you just picture sipping a blood ORANGE mimosa from our St. Louis crystal champagne flutes or orange crystal wine glasses?!?!

And the NUMBER 1 Reason Kathie Lee & Hoda should come to G&G is because I HAVE to MEET YOU BOTH!!!

I just have this weird feeling that we’re supposed to be the three best friends that anyone could have and we haven’t met yet!! I know you’ll have an awesome time in our wonderful city, BUT if you could just spare a FEW minutes…please come see us at G&G!!! Just call me…maybe?!? 😉

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