Fashion week and ikat

Peanut butter + jelly. Angie + Brad. Kate + 8. Hot chocolate + snow. Orange + Vols. Fashion week + ikat. All things that whether we like it or not – they go together! So today I was chatting with some friends about some of their favorite things – wait you don’t ask your friends on a daily basis their favorite things are?!?! 😉

AnyWHOOO… one said Fashion Week and one said ikat – obvi I would be friends with two people who’s favorite things could get married and make the most perfect combo! So after that, I started looking around G&G and luck do you know it – we have TONS of fashion and TONS of IKAT!!

Fabulous fabric…


We are still in love with our coffee table books 🙂


Im DYING for this pillow!!


The prettiest

Oh and this pillow too…

Oh to spend the day in Stephen Dweck’s jewelry  box…I’d never leave…



Ok, now Im sad Im not drenched in jewels and fashion

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